5 Success Tips For Young Architects

As you graduate from architecture school and venture in to the path of your career, there are many unknowns waiting for you, as a young architect, moving up in your career can be a very big challenge, you might find yourself in a position whereby you do not know the firm that you should go to and also doubt yourself whether you are qualified to do a certain project. The following tips can help you excel in your architect career.

Embrace failure

It is important to note that failing is not a disability, you should always be ready to embrace failure and know it is just part of learning, when you fail, you should not get mad at yourself, rather be happy that you have learned something from it hence this will prevent you from doing it again in future.


You have to know that architecture is a service industry and that your ability to provide an excellent service to your customers only depend on your network, this just means that you should have a strong network, this because of a strong network helps in making your job easier and bring in several opportunities.

Seek mentors

You should consider your fellow architects as resources; look for those people who possess the skills and roles that you desire to have. Those kinds of mentors will ensure that you develop in your career.

Spread wealth

As you seek mentorship from other people, you should also be able to mentor other people in your firm; you can do this by having a team of your own whom you can spread knowledge to. With this, your firm will be able to rise and you will also be considered as a team player by your peers.

Get out of the comfort zone

Try doing something different, do not just sit and wait for someone to come to give you an idea, you should also try coming with an idea of something unique – all you want to know in the field of architecture.